The Brief:

Sign connect is an online platform that provides British Sign Language interpreters direct to clients.

The platform allows direct communication between the client and the interpreter.

Following the high standards and code of conduct set up by the National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD) and the National Union for Sign Language Interpreters (NUBSLI).

The client stipulated-

  1. Simple platform to connect interpreters and client
  2. Fresh and easy to use
  3. Ecommerce platform
  4. Simple English to be used throughout
  5. Interpreters are supported through the booking process and find it easy to use
  6. For clients and interpreters to feel welcome on the platform and feel supported.
The Brief:

The Result:

A strong secure website with multi bespoke functionalities in order for the website to deliver on the business objectives of-

  • For interpreters to be able to apply and accept work
  • For both interpreters and clients to be able to keep track of their work/adverts
  • For the platform to guide interpreters through the process of booking with minimal stress
  • For interpreters to be able to post in a public newsfeed and for other interpreters to comment

Secure login areas, with simple to use dashboards for accepting and posting work.

Advertising area for both individuals and businesses to be able to advertise work for interpreters

Secure payment area for clients to be able to make payments through the platform


Built on a WordPress platform the CMS is easy to use and the website is easy to maintain by the client.  Bespoke areas have been created so the client can monitor and keep track of all users, and activity on the website.


The client has access to the XRF support desk should they require any assistance.

The Result:
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