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As we turn more to our mobile phones for… well … basically everything nowadays, it’s no surprise that companies are looking for new ways to capture our custom. The fashion industry and technology have, and are still very far apart, so how do we expect to see technology and clothes shopping changing in the future?  Yes most of the big brands have apps out making shopping much easier, but I’m not just talking about easy to use apps here, I am talking about apps that know our body shapes and fashion tastes…

It has been spoken about for long enough, how we look at our bodies and how bodies are portrayed in magazines and on the catwalk. Companies are now telling us that we should not have to fit into sizes dictated by clothing lines, we should be able to have clothing that is tailored for us as individuals.

Japan’s innovative new way to shop for clothes

As usual, Japan seems to be way out there with their ideas, in one of the previous blogs we mentioned Laundroid The first automatic laundry-folding robot. The plans for further into the future for this robot, was for it to recognise your size, what style of clothing you like and make suggestions of clothing to buy – AI learning from doing your laundry every day!  If you cannot wait for the Robots suggestion you are in luck, as there are already companies out there bringing in innovative ways to help you clothes shop.

Suits which talk to an app Zozo are a Japanese company whose Chief Executive Yusaku Maezawa  says

The time where people adapt to clothing is over, this is a new era where clothes adapt to people.

The company have created what they call the Zozosuit, this extremely unflattering polka-dot bodysuit is enough to give most of us nightmares. You will also need to download the Zozo app, once you have done this the polka dots on the suit allow the app to give exact measurements of your body shape. Quite frankly I am not sure I want an app to tell me the truth… (what I see in the mirror is not necessarily the truth), so having an app to give me bad news?….. well the jury is out on that for me, however…

The Zozosuit how does it work?

The company says it brings 3D scanning into your home, each polka dot (there are around 350) which are unique markers that help the app to recognise and measure. The app will take 12 photos of you, as you turn as if facing the hours of a clock. They claim that this is more accurate than a human tailor! you can then begin to purchase from the company online store clothing which is specifically created for you and your body shape.

Clothes Shopping Self Checkout’s

Self Checkouts are something we see in all supermarkets these days, yet we still face lengthy queues in our favourite clothing stores. Whilst many clothing stores are happy for customers to have to queue, many customers are in too much of a hurry. Clothes shops are complaining of online stores causing their shops to shut but what are they doing to help themselves?
Zara has taken the right steps, investing and focusing more on technology and how they can improve our customer experience. They have introduced self-checkout services, which unlike many frustrating supermarket self-checkouts are slick to use without the frustration of ‘unexpected item in your shopping bag’. Furthermore, fitting room technology can pick up what you are trying on and suggests other items which will compliment your look. Let’s hope as more and more customers become comfortable with using self-checkouts, queues will become a thing of the past.

Shopping For Glasses with technology

It’s not just clothing that is seeing the latest technology change the way we shop, Specsavers has launched a ‘frame styler tool’. Gone are the days when a customer needed plenty of time to try on dozens of glasses in-store, now customers simply need to stroll in and have their faces scanned by in-store tablets. This makes a 3d image of the customer’s face, the input of age and gender is then required, from this information ‘The Frame Styler Tool’ will select the best match. This process takes a matter of seconds rather than the dilemma and endless time is usually required.

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