Brain Fart Rippers

We all have a tendency to behave in a way, which leans towards conformity because we all like to fit in and be part of a group. However, going against the grain casts us out and often brings uncertainty into the equation, like when someone lets one rip in a lift full of people…

These rippers are quick, (sometimes) relatable, often offensive but definitely noticeable in a group setting. This is precisely the nature of brain farts. They don’t (usually) have any substantial logic, quantifiable application or judgement attached to them, yet they carry potentially useful leads in idea generation phases. Think along the lines of ‘sharing is caring’…

This is due to our brains having developed a way to fill in gaps so we don’t need to process every single piece of input. This automation process within our minds is what we shall label the “Robot Zone” (RZ from now on) and it is an absolute stinker of a trait. The RZ is the limiting factor in our attention as it governs what we are interested in and what to ignore just so it can be less taxing on the brains resources. Whilst doing that, the mind is also figuring out and influencing the path of least resistance in our immediate surroundings. A great example of this is when you are faced with a situation where the subject doesn’t interest you but you cannot outright express the fact you want to do something else. So the immediate choices are: you can say what you want and potentially offend/be met with resistance or you sit it out until the next opportunity comes to seamlessly move on with no further dramas.

From a creative standpoint, however, wearing away at the RZ and challenging the minds inbuilt suppression system could be a vital key to unlocking newer and greater opportunities, as strange conversations are the ones that get the imagination going the most.

So why do most of us grow out of brain farting?

The brain is a hyper-efficient learning computer, which learns good habits and it learns bad habits. Sometimes it just learns for the sake of learning, other times it obsesses over the most ridiculous things or does absolutely nothing at all. One thing that is consistent however is our primal reactions and raw thoughts.

A powerful way to conjure these primitive emotions in other people is by sparking curiosity due to you embracing your weirdness. Not only do we not talk enough about weirdness and strange stuff but also it is where most of the interesting stuff is actually happening. Don’t just blindly believe though, just smile in silence at the fact you can remember the silly weird stuff more vividly than mundane everyday stuff.

So what can you do about it?

There is a silver lining for the people who want to break out of the mould and regain their ability. Just the same as this behaviour has been learned, you can unlearn it. Start putting those mind guffs out there and soon you will be more comfortable doing so with a larger audience. Obviously, start small, let off a couple of test goes to test the crowd… if your surroundings can take it, let loose and watch the weirdness keep things fresh.


We now know what brain farts are, successfully identified why we don’t do them often enough (due to bad habits and the brains natural suppression) and even squeezed out a subjective fact as a remedy.  Armed with this knowledge, it’s time to take out 20 seconds of your time to do a quick task that will bypass your minds suppression system by forcing a basic unfiltered answer out of you.

If you are taking part, you will need something to write with and something to write on. Once you are ready, carry on reading.

The brain fart mini task:

Pick one of the following words:






Once chosen, combine it with the first word that comes into your mind that rhymes with it.

Now draw a quick picture. Your result is a brain fart. Congratulations.


”These rippers are quick, (sometimes) relatable, often offensive but definitely noticeable in a group setting”

So the last thing left for you to do is share the task with somebody and have an odd conversation about how you get there.

This is what my brain fart looked like for the task..

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