Once we have created our clients a wonderful new website and if they wish to add their own content rather than enlist us to create copy for them, the top question I am asked as a content writer and SEO bod is….. how do I optimise my content for SEO?

In this blog I will give you one of my tips and explain what seed keywords are, you may also find the following previous blogs useful:-

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Here is my top tip to gain those essential seed keywords…

What Is A Seed keyword?

A seed keyword is a word closely associated with your main keyword, it is usually a short-tailed keyphrase consisting of just a couple of words together.

Avoid Popular Keywords & Look For Seed Keywords

So what am I talking about… OK, if you for example have an e-commerce website selling umbrellas then ‘Umbrella’ would automatically be in your mind as your main keyword, however, this word is also used by your competitors, and is also a cracking song by Rhianna, so the chances of you getting close to ranking number one or even being visible on page one on a search engine are going, to say the least, be difficult.  You need to be looking at seed keywords to help with your optimisation, and also to help deliver a good user experience… ie you want the right people clicking on your page… those who want to buy an umbrella rather than those wishing to listen to a song!

Where To Start Your Search

You may well be tempted to use a keyword tool and whilst they do have their uses, they will give you the main keywords related to your business, the ones which are well used and therefore the ones which will be hard to rank for.  It is always worth thinking about your business and writing down a few obvious keywords related to your business and then beginning your research.  It is worth putting in the time for these as they are likely to pull in traffic to your website and will help you to rank high.

So let’s stick with Umbrellas…

My Top Tip On Finding Seed Keywords

A good place to start is with Google, they have all the search engine data, and will give you a good selection of Seed Keywords to go for…

seed keywords research

Immediately you can see that you have a huge task in front of you if you stick to this keyword, however, if you scroll to the bottom of the page Google offers you some suggestions and here begins your suggestion for seed keywords…

seed keywords research

With such a well-used word as umbrellas, I would go one step further than these suggestions.  I have chosen windproof umbrellas as you can see the results have already drastically reduced, meaning there is less competition to rank high…

seed keywords reseaching

Let’s scroll down further and see what Google offers us…

seed keywords research

OK now let us go for windproof compact umbrella as the seed keywords, you can see that the results have reduced…

seed keywords

One more dive down to see what our options are…

I am selling windproof compact umbrellas in the UK, so there are my seed keywords ‘windproof compact umbrella UK’, these seed keywords have far less competition.

Google has all the data all you need to do is tap into Google’s knowledge!

Now that you have discovered your potential seed keywords, you need to find out what sort of search volume they have.  This is where you can use a free online keyword tool.  Put in your seed keywords and see which ones have a high volume of searches to help you decide which ones to focus on.

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