What is Laundroid?

Laundroid is the first automatic laundry folding robot, the concept was first announced at the CEATEC Japan in 2015. It combines image analysis, artificial intelligence along with robotics, enabling it to recognise, sort and fold your clothing. I have to say I think this will be of personal interest to our own Managing Director, who regularly updates us in the office when his washing machine texts him to say it has finished washing his smalls.

The Seven Dreamers marketing spin is that the Laundroid ‘is a new way to liberate your loved one’. Well, I’m not sure about that, however, they are quite right in the way they are seeing technology taking over our domestic chores. We have a washing machine, a tumble dryer so why not go for a Laundroid, and really finish the job off!

The project was developed jointly by Panasonic, and Japans largest homebuilder Daiwa House. The estimated price tag is $16,000, however, the company hope to get the price down to lower than $2,000 if it ever goes into mass production.

Who are Seven Dreamers?

Seven Dreamers are a company who believe that our lives can become ‘richer’ by creating technologies which can take over those sort of chores which are mind-numbingly boring. That’s not their marketing words, but what they are essentially trying to achieve.
nThis forward-thinking company is based in Tokyo, they believe that if it can be imagined then they can create the technology to fulfil it. The company is led by Shin Sakane, who is passionate about innovation he says

If seven dreamers ever think about imitating or impersonating other people`s thoughts or products for profit, it is then that the company called seven dreamers will cease to exist.

What can the Laundroid do?

According to the companies website, the Laundroid has a number of settings, including one which can sort clothing into piles for family members. It can also recognise what you like to wear and make suggestions on clothing you might like to buy. I mean that is pretty cool.. right!nThe Laundroid takes a few hours to complete the job, with a T-shirt taking about 5-10 minutes to fold.

Well done Seven Dreamers we look forward to watching the Laundroid’s progress, and to your next prototype!


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