Gadgets for 2019

In the XReflow office, we love to show off a gadget to our fellow colleagues, sometimes this causes jealousy, and sometimes it causes confusion. However there is no getting away from it we like to try and outdo each other with the latest weird and wonderful gadgets.

Here are a couple below that have caught our eye recently.

Querkywriter pointless but fun gadget

Qwerkywriters 2019 gadgets

If you are bored with the look of your desk this will be right up your street, the Querkywriter, its a keyboard impersonating an old fashioned typewriter! It’s small and a little impractical if you like to have a large keyboard with a number pad, but it looks great. The price is in the region of £195.





If you are old enough to remember ‘Pong’ then you are going to want this…

Atrai Pong Table 2019 GadgetAtari Pong Coffee Table, it’s a giant reboot of the 1972 game, however rather than mechanical it uses magnets. It has USB charging points, and a Bluetooth speaker (so not totally pointless). It does however look fantastic and would be a real talking point in any office or home.


Waterproof Speakers gadgets 2019

Image credit: Ultimate Ears

Waterproof speakers great gadgets for the UK’s BBQ season

Waterproof speakers have been around for a while now, but these are not only very cool looking, but they can also charge your mobile. The Megaboom 3 waterproof wireless speaker, has a great name, and excellent sound quality. It’s the ideal speaker for when you are next laying on a lilo in the sun (the speaker floats), or if you decide to have a summer BBQ and get caught out by the weather. Priced around £140.

Gadgets for cleaningNeato BOtVac Cleaning Gadget

The Neato Botvac has your vacuuming sorted, this clever little gadget can scan and systematically clean spaces. It can avoid obstacles, and it can do all this even in the dark! You can of course control it with your smartphone, you can even tell it to avoid certain areas in your home. Brilliant!nStill all this comes at a price… around £600… so I guess you have to ask yourself, how much do you hate hoovering?

If you like this, keep an eye out for one of our forthcoming blogs on Laundroid!

Sound BlasterX G6 Gadget for soundGadgets for sound

Need to update your sound card? Well, it has never been easier with this external sound card by Creative.

Creatives latest edition is the Sound BlasterX G6. It has Doby Digital decoding and 7.1 virtual surround sound. It’s simple to set up, and slots straight into a USB port, which makes it a firm favourite. So put away that screwdriver, and get out your wallet – priced around £115.

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